If one car looks right on paper but the other leaves you smiling after driving it, there's only one contender.

Trait Signal provides an interactive dashboard and printable reports that:

Identify what customers want and empower automotive sales forces with talking points and objection handling that will sell more cars and save them time.

Suggest marketing campaigns and collateral that hit the right notes, with fewer false starts, and less iteration.

Reduce the time and expense of running focus groups, by understanding real customer sentiment in a scalable and automated way.

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    Understand your buyers' preferences

    • For car buyers, it’s easy to look up manufacturer specifications, but very difficult to identify the specifications that matter most – and those specs don’t necessarily tell the whole story, or which car is the right choice.

    • Meanwhile, for car dealers or manufacturers, even knowing the specifications doesn’t provide the insight needed o understand how customers are experiencing or talking about their cars, or how best to position each car against any of hundreds of alternatives that every buyer may be considering.

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  • Opinion Data and Sentiment Analysis Is Proactive and Protective

    • Sales staff spend time and money creating and testing talk tracks that don’t always work, based on guesses, experience, and manufacturer data.

    • Determining which cars to keep in inventory, and which to pitch to each customer, is a forecasting game with many unknowns.

    • Creating marketing campaigns and copy requires time consuming and expensive iteration for brainstorming and testing.

    • This problem is more acute for used vehicle sales, which vary more in make and model, and thus massively expand the number of sales and marketing pitches needed.

    Don’t wait until after a loss to refine your marketing communications.

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