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Automotive Analytics Startup Trait Signal Today Announces the Launch of Its Platform, With Private Beta Program Beginning November 15th

Founded by Technology Veterans with Experience in Big Data and Natural Language Processing, the Company Uses Modern Technology to Solve a Longstanding Problem in Automotive Marketing and Design

Los Angeles, California: Trait Signal today announced its entry into the automotive analytics space and began taking applicants for its private beta, to begin November 15th. The platform structures automotive opinions into actionable insights, and is more accurate, more scalable, and more affordable than either census data or focus groups.

Trait Signal combines artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and human analysis to collect sentiment data on each vehicle, isolate specific traits, and then correlate those traits back to an extensive database of vehicle specifications. The platform then delivers that data to customers in either automatically generated reports, or a fully interactive dashboard.

“It’s so common to hear people say, ‘Car A is better on paper, but if I had to choose, I’d take car B,’” says Trait Signal Chairman Tyler Carbone. “Trait Signal exists to get the right things on paper, so we know what drivers value about their cars and others’, with data derived from their actual commentary.”

Hunter Williams and Songphon Klabwong lead the company’s growing technology team. Williams’ background is in big data and database development, and Klabwong has been a professor and guest lecturer at multiple universities. Klabwong has published numerous papers on the topic of artificial intelligence, including recent research on AI for medical imaging.

The platform provides three layers of analysis:

  1. Identification: Identify which vehicle traits are most talked about among people who drive a specific make and model, or segment, of vehicle.
  2. Analysis: Determine whether their feedback on each trait is positive or negative.
  3. Insight: Discover which vehicle specifications predicated those opinions, so leaders within the automotive industry know which issues to target within their business strategy and why.

Trait Signal is enrolling select customers now for a private beta and will be generally available starting in January 2020. For more information, visit

About Trait Signal: Trait Signal provides accurate opinion data and sentiment analysis to help automotive sales, marketing, and product development leaders build strategies that resonate with car buyers and react to drivers’ changing needs. Founded in March 2019, the company has offices in Los Angeles, California, and Bangkok, Thailand.