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Trait Signal launches new platform to give car dealers real-world insight about every car on sale

Revolutionary vehicle insights platform helps retailers match customers with the right car using artificial intelligence and natural language processing

Trait Signal provides real-time, real-world vehicle opinions structured into an easy-to-read dashboard

Available now to car dealers across the USA and Europe

Los Angeles, California: Automotive analytics start-up, Trait Signal, is making its revolutionary vehicle insight platform available to car retailers across the USA and Europe. The platform scours the internet for real-time, real-world opinions on specific models, and structures them into useful insights to help buyers get a better understanding of each vehicle’s defining traits.

Trait Signal uses proprietary artificial intelligence, natural language processing and human validation to power the platform. Its clients receive access to a web-based dashboard and instant PDF reporting, helps them to identify the best specifications to direct their customers towards to make a sale more likely.

This allows dealerships to develop their sales strategy more efficiently and make more sales. It can be used on the showroom floor or deployed for telephone or online sales.

Trait Signal has already piloted the platform with a number of dealerships in closed beta testing, including Loganville Ford, a franchised Ford dealer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dayn Riegal, E-Commerce director of Loganville Ford, said: “Even if your sales force is well trained to sell the new products of your primary brand, do they know how to sell your used products from a wide variety of manufacturers? That’s where Trait Signal is a great value product.”

Tyler Carbone, Founder and CEO of Trait Signal, said: “Until now, dealerships have relied on central marketing & training materials and trial and error to match customers with their perfect car.

“Our solution allows dealers to harness millions of data points to get a real-time, real-world view of their product’s best attributes and how they match to the individual customer’s needs. Our closed beta testing proved our concept and demonstrated a marked difference to dealerships.”

About Trait Signal: Founded in March 2019 by a group of experienced technology entrepreneurs, Trait Signal provides accurate opinion data and sentiment analysis to the automotive sector. Its goal is to help sales, marketing and product development leads build strategies that resonate with car buyers and react to drivers’ changing needs.