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Tidbit: Pickup Truck Pricing

Trait Signal turns automotive customer opinions into actionable insights. Every week, we help our customers answer a variety of questions, and each Monday, we choose an interesting tidbit of automotive preference data and talk about it here.

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Last week, we looked at the Ford F-150, and with it, some other vehicles in the segment.

alt text

Screenshot of the most important traits of the Ford F-150, and for the broader Truck Segment, from the Trait Signal dashboard

As shown above, two of the most important traits to drivers of trucks are “Price” and “Expensive.”

  1. Price is an important trait, but driver sentiment averages out to Neutral (+0.5 out of 10). The neutral average is because sentiment on Price varies widely between vehicles. Drivers have positive sentiment toward Price for some trucks, and negative sentiment toward Price for others.

  2. Expensive is also an important trait, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, has a consistently Negative sentiment (-4.5 out of 10). Unlike “Price,” drivers don’t seem to have mixed opinions on Expensive. For all the trucks that have the trait, it is negative. (That said, many trucks do not display the trait, and so for those, we can conclude that drivers do not rate them as expensive.)

Nothing too surprising so far, then; drivers have positive sentiments toward the Price of some vehicles, and negative sentiments toward the Price of others.

It gets interesting, though, when we dig into the correlations.

We looked next at which vehicle specifications best predict whether driver sentiment on Price and the result was unexpected.

Of the ten Truck specifications that most strongly predict driver sentiment toward Price, nine of them are functions of vehicle size, and all are positively correlated. Surprisingly, MSRP is only #11 on the list, falling just below our screenshot.

If you look at the data, the bigger the truck, the more positive is buyer sentiment toward its Price, and vice versa. Size is even more predictive than the MSRP of the truck itself of how a buyer will feel about its Price.

alt text

Screenshot of the Trait Signal dashboard, showing the ten vehicle specifications which most predict sentiment on "Price"

Larger trucks, even if the MSRP is higher, tend to have more positive driver sentiment on their Price. Smaller trucks, on the other hand (even if lower-priced) tend to draw negative buyer sentiment on their Price.

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