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Tidbit: A Look at What Makes a Car Sporty

Trait Signal turns automotive customer opinions into actionable insights. Every week, we help our customers answer a variety of questions, and starting today we will be choosing an interesting tidbit of automotive preference data and talking about it here.

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Last week we worked with a partner to analyze the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. One of the traits most important to drivers is that the car is “Sporty.” The trait ranked as “Very Positive” for the GT350 (7.5 out of 10), and within the Coupe segment driver sentiment toward the trait correlates to several vehicle specifications.

alt text

Screenshot of the Trait Signal dashboard showing top traits for the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

We decided to dig a bit further – what makes a driver describe a car as Sporty, for example, instead of Quick, Sharp, or Well Handling?

As you’d expect, we saw that Sporty correlates positively to specifications like Horsepower and Torque. It also has a negative correlation to specifications like Range, and MPG, likewise as you would expect for performance cars.

Then we noticed something interesting: “Sporty,” as a characteristic drivers liked, is also positively correlated with another specification: Vehicle Width. Why would that be?

alt text

Screenshot of Trait Signal showing the correlation of driver sentiment toward Sporty to Vehicle Width, with GT-350 Highlighted

Digging deeper into the results, we looked at the cars ranked most and least positively for the trait “Sporty,” and noticed a common theme. The coupes for which drivers had the strongest positive sentiment on the trait include many supercars, which tend to be very wide.

Some notable exceptions? The Lamborghini Aventador, while among the very widest of cars, is viewed by drivers as only moderately Sporty (5.0 out of 10). The Lotus Evora 400, on the other hand, despite being quite narrow, has one of the highest sentiments (10 out of 10) we see for this trait.

alt text

Screenshot of Trait Signal showing the correlation of driver sentiment toward Sporty to Vehicle Width, with Aventador Highlighted

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