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Don’t Just Know Your Customers. Know What They Think About Their Cars.


Why Invest in Opinion Data and Sentiment Analysis?

Competition is fierce. If a car buyer does not perceive a vehicle to be their perfect match, they'll go elsewhere. There's tons of car buyer data out there focusing on demographics — knowing who the buyers are, where they live, and how much money they spend on cars. However, none of this data speaks to which traits really matter, and cause buyers to pick one car over another.

That's where Trait Signal comes in. We identify not only what traits buyers like and dislike, but also which vehicle specifications matter most to each buyer. So you can draw buyer attention to the right variables, at the right time, and put them in the right car, for the right reason.

  • How It Works

    Our proprietary analytics combine AI, natural language processing, and human analysis to collect sentiment data on a particular vehicle, isolate specific traits, and correlate those traits back to our extensive database of vehicle specifications.

    Take a deep dive into automotive customer opinion:


    Three Layers of Analysis:

    • 1. Identification: Identify which vehicle traits are most talked about among people who drive a specific make and model of vehicle.
    • 2. Analysis: Determine which vehicle traits are most important to these people, as well as whether their feedback on each trait is favorable or unfavorable.
    • 3. Insight: Discover which vehicle specifications predicated those opinions, so you know which issues to target within your business strategy and why.

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  • Have a problem that’s a little different?

    Just want answers instead of a dashboard? Contact us today, and we’ll help you figure it out. We do both custom integrations and bespoke consulting and analysis.

    Everything we build is fully API accessible. If you can do it in our dashboard, you can do it through our API, enabling robust integration with third party analytics or consumer facing platforms.